Fan List =) September 25, 2009

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i know it is little premature.. but we wanna thank our “fans” that have supported our music thus far.. hehe.. even if we don’t get famous, we really appreciate all your support and encouragement.

so to the people who have helped us:-
1. Daddy – Voon Yuen Woh
2. Mummy – Teh Swee Leng
3. Colin Gan
4. Alvin Low
5. Eunice Tan

* No. 1 & 2 is not in any particular order. One is not a greater fan than the other. =)

Special thanks to Vivienne’s mentor, known to us as Uncle Wah Lok. Thanks so much for starting us out and kinda forcing Viv to go look for a pro guy (not yet happen la.. but hopefully soon). =)

To our other fans who i have not named, please write to us or drop us a comment and i’ll do a special shout out too!

Til later…


3 Responses to “Fan List =)”

  1. Vivienne Voon Says:

    yes, this is a little premature…

  2. Eunice Says:

    hey! how come i got dethroned to no.5? i thought i was the first fan who responded to this blog 😦

  3. Vivienne Says:

    you were the first to respond in this blog, but this blog came out after the posts on youtube/facebook/twitter. so, yup, sorry, you aren’t the first :p

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