song story – 月亮 September 25, 2009

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alright. what’s a song story? it’s a story about how the song came about, what was the inspiration etc. basically, it’s explaining the author’s thoughts when he/she was writing. (in this song – 月亮 – i wrote the song so it’s my story 😀 )

ok i only wrote the last part of the song.

honestly, this song was written one day during one of my numerous boring classes. seriously. yeah so this song was playing in my head. and i pondered upon the lyrics. to me, it sounded like Teresa and her special someone were separated by distance, and the only way they can remember each other then (when Facebook did not yet exist) was to look at the moon at night and remember each other.

so my verse goes something like, “take me away from all this nonsense, how i long for us to just be together without all the issues hindering us”. and it’s true so often coz in love we make so many excuses, we bring in so many issues, introduce so many fears. but when it boils down, really, what can we do for our special someone? there will be days when we just feel like doing something special for them out of the love that overflows. on those days, just do it! don’t think about the 101 things on our to-do list. seize the moment! (walao so passionate)

so then the chorus says that when you love, love with all your heart, don’t doubt, don’t second guess.

basically, i think we’ve lost the pure love that existed during teresa’s time. we’re so filled with busyness, electronic nonsense and noise in general, that we forget to reach out to the ones we love in a real, practical way anymore. so there, when u look at the moon, don’t always look at it from a scientific point of view. think of God’s wonderful creation, think of the ones you love, think of me! 🙂



yue liang – 月亮 September 13, 2009

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so this is it 🙂 our first time singing to the world!