Boo! September 13, 2009

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hey there! k, this blog is set up to introduce our songs to the world. please leave your treasured comments. we appreciate every one of them.

our music ranges from anything to anything. we haven’t quite figured out our definite genre yet, but we’re working on it! for simplicity’s sake, we’ve recorded most of our videos using your average digital camera. no money yet to get good equipment. again, we’re working on it.

a little about ourselves, we are 3 sisters who love music. yes, we all play the piano, yes, we all play the drums. BUT, we don’t profess to be masters of any kind. in fact, we love music so much we’re willing to learn most instruments.

i (vivienne) started (by the grace of God) to write songs early in 2008. and so, this is the result. i’ve been enjoying it so much i try to write at least 2-3 songs a month. now, rachelle also does a bit of writing. she’s not baaad. Rosanne is the harmony girl. she tries to harmonize everything, not all the time reaching la…